Ceramic Fiber Insulation Nepal

Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Ceramic Fiber Products are types of Alumina – Silicate refectories, produced by melting and blowing high purity kaolin melt of Alumina and silica in arc furnace.

Fiber So formed are white in color, non crystalline and glassy.

1 Ceramic Fiber Blankets

1.2 Ceramic Blanket
1.2 Ceramic Blanket 1

Product Details:

Standard ceramic fibers are made from inorganic materials, primarily Alumina, Silica & Zirconium, with long refractory fiber, which are binder free and are needled leading to very high thermo stability. Due to unique physical and refractory properties it will be used in high temperature application. Under normal circumstances ceramic fiber can be applied at 1260 Dec C. Ceramic Blanket has very low thermal Conductivity.

Densities (Kg/M3)64/ 96 /128
Dimensions0.610 Mts W & 7.3 Mts L
Thicknesses in (mm)12, 25, 38, 50
TEMPERATURE RANGE1260 Deg C / 1425 Deg C
USES:Reformer / Heater / Furnace / Kiln lining, Coke Ovens, Expansion GapThermal Barrier for Automotive industryBoiler / Ducts / Pipeline, Steam & Gas Turbine Insulations

2 Ceramic Fiber Boards

2.3 Ceramic Board
ceramic Board

Product Details:

Ceramic fiber Board is made of ceramic bulk fiber with special formulated binder produced by vacuum formed technology. The ceramic board has excellent toughness and intensity, high strength, lightweight, excellent thermal shock resistance and anti-stripping.

Densities (Kg/M3)220- 240
Dimensions0.5 / 0.6 Mt. W ( 1 Mt. L)
Thicknesses in (mm)25, 50
TEMPERATURE RANGE1100 /1260 / 1425 Deg C
USES:Refractory lining.Insulating backup to dense refractory materials.Insulating backup to bricks & castable.Furnace hot face lining in ceramic kilns, box furnace & petrochemical furnace.Use in industrial heat processing equipment.Rigid high temperature gaskets & seals.High temperature Baffles & muffles.Fuel & chimney lining in furnace & kilns.Molten Metal through covers.Hot gas duct lining.Expansion joints.Industrial heat shields &thermal barriers.Industrial Combustion chamber construction.Domestic appliances & light –duty industrial combustion chamber construction.

3 Ceramic Fiber Cloth / Tape / Rope

Ceramic Cloth
Ceramic Cloth

Product Details:

Ceramic fiber cloth are woven from ceramic fiber yarn reinforced with fiber glass yarn/ SS wire.

Ceramic Cloth can be used in wide range of industrial, high temperature sealing and insulation application. Cloths are reinforced with fiber glass yarn can be used up to 850 Deg C and reinforced with SS wire can be used up to 1100 Deg C

Classification Temp.(0C)1260 Deg C
Continuous Using Temp.(0C)1100 Deg C (stainless steel reinforced)
850 Deg C ( Fiberglass Reinforced)
Dimensions1 Mt W X 10 Mt L(Thickness 2, 3 mm)
0.5 Mt W X 25 Mt L(Thickness 2, 3 mm)
UsesFurnace door and radiant tubes seals.Blast furnace stove expansion joints.Coke oven ascension pipe seal, preventing fume emission on exhaust collection system.Coke oven door seal preventing gas leakage.Piping Insulation.High temperature Turbine Casing.Welding curtain / Boiler / Furnace Door Curtain.

4 Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic Paper

Product Details:

Ceramic Fiber paper are manufactured from refractory ceramic fiber and provides effective solution to wide spectrum of thermal management problems. Utilize our proprietary high output spinning techniques theses products offer superior insulating performance, flexibility and resilience.

Classification Temp. (0C)1260 Deg C
Dimensions1 Mt W X 30Mt L(Thickness 2 mm)
1 MT W X 20Mt L(Thickness 3 mm)
UsesUsed in various types of refractory and sealing applications.Gaskets.Parting plane in refractory lining.Thermal and electric Insulation.Refractory backup insulation.Commercial and residential cooking and heating appliance insulation.Automotive muffler insulation.

5 Bulk Ceramic Fiber


Product Details:

Bulk Ceramic Fiber made from alumina, silica and Zirconia. Bulk Ceramic fiber resists to most chemicals except Hydrofluoric & Phosphoric acids and strong alkalis

Classification Temp. (0C)1200, 1260, 1425
Bulk Fiber Packing20 / 25 Kg Bags , 16 Kg Cartons
UsesRaw Material for the manufacture of finished products such as Boards, Shapes, Paper & Yarn.Expansion joints, Patching and emergency repair in furnace, boilers heaters etc.Loose insulating fill for crowns, walls of kilns and furnaces.Packing material for temporary of insulation.Precursor for engineered fibers.

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