Prefab School Construction Update : Mahan Siddhartha School, Chabahil,Nepal

Prefab House Nepal school project which was initiated  at Chabahil for Mahan Siddhartha School is underway and some of the latest update of project are available here.
The building of school from our technology in the beginning had been so tough task as many things need to be organized in such scarce time of fuel and other resources still our team is fully determined to carry out the project at best level.
Here are some updates

prefab school in nepal
Prefab School Underway

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Cost Estimate of Prefab House

Estimate of Construction

Available Room Price for Structure only.

9’ x 9’ room                      Rs 350,000/-

9’ X 14’ room                   Rs 475,000/-

14’x 14’ room                  Rs 590,000/-

15’ x18’ room                  Rs  700,000/-

Breakdown of Home Structure

Structure   Metal  : 2”by 2” powder coating metal pipe pillar standard quality framework and beam and nut-bolt system

Roof                    : 0.38 mm ( 26 gaze zinc sheet) Aluminium truss ( Optional UPVC ,tile etc)

Wall Partition   : Cement board/ Aluminium Framing or Wood ply framing.(optional to thermocoal use/brick & other material )

Door and Window:   (Aluminium )

Ceiling:   Wood ply or Cement board (According to your requirement)

Floor: Smooth Cement tile

Electrification: City Line Complete installation ( Rs 3000-7000 /room)

Solar Line per home (  Rs 25000-50,000)

Sanitation: (6” by 8” size toile )                              Rs 50,000-95000/-

Landscaping and Civil Construction: Self

Here is the cost estimate of House that can be fabricated in Nepal.

Detailed Specification/ Estimate and Costing
Project Name:


Project Cost:

Project Duration:

Type: Home ¨  School¨ office   ¨   Store ¨  Others¨

Construction of without welding quick Nut-Bolt System

General specification


Powder Coated Heavy Metal 2”x2” 9’ height 2mmϕ with Nut-Bolt Joint structure.

Pillar & Beam by Metal

Size of Rooms:


Which Size of Room You would like to have?

¨ 9’x9 ¨Nos.        ¨13’x13’ ¨ Nos.      Total ¨

¨13’x18’¨ Nos.  ¨ 18’x39’ ¨  Nos.    Other¨

Total Area:                        Total Cost Rs.


Ground Foundation Base Cement+ Concrete +Sand 1:2:4 (2’x2’x2’ ground excavation, digging and 6”x6”x2’ post foundation

Wall: 50mm  Fab ¨

6” Brick   ¨

Outside Paneling Folding Channel G.I Strength 1”x4”x3’  and 1”x4”x5’

Inside Paneling Cement Board ¨      ¨4mm   ¨9mm

                 Plywood ¨      ¨4mm   ¨9mm

Sandwich panels are EPS¨  PU¨  ROCK WOOL¨  

            Total Cost Rs.



 0.32mm¨     0.35mm ¨      0.38mm¨ 0.41mm¨


   CCZS ¨           CZS ¨             PVC ¨

Total Cost Rs.

Flooring :

Cement Tile ¨   1” thickness

Parqueting ¨  P.C.C¨   Cement Board¨    other ¨

Total Cost Rs.


Cement Board   4mm ¨        10mm ¨  

Plywood        4mm¨        10 mm ¨  

EPS color steel/l sandwich panel ¨   other ¨

         Total Cost Rs.


Aluminum alloy frame with glass¨  Nepal Board ¨   ACP Board ¨

 PVC material ¨    Total Cost  Rs:


Aluminum alloy frame door +Nepal Board ¨     AL+ACP ¨

 compound wooden door ¨         Total Cost Rs.


As Per Requirement ¨  Distemper ¨   Weather Coat ¨   Enamel ¨ Other¨

Total Cost Rs.




      Total Cost Rs.






Commode ¨   Pine¨  Tile ¨  Shower¨  Mixer ¨  Basin ¨  Urinal¨ Mirror¨   P.P.R. PVC/Nepatop¨       G.I ¨   other ¨

Total Cost Rs.

Installation Company ¨     Owner ¨      Total Cost Rs.
Supervision Company¨      Owner¨      Total Cost Rs.
Design and Layout Company¨      Owner¨      Total Cost Rs.
Transportation Company¨      Owner¨  Total Cost Rs.
Civil Construction

 Estimate of Engineer for Site Cleaning ,Earthwork Excavation, Filling, Layout



Total Cost


In words:                                           Grand Total Cost:



Company Details:                                                                                                                                      




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