Prefab House Nepal Pvt. Ltd has exclusive design and engineering technology for prefab house which is made of the heavy metal structure and cement-board inside and strength rolling channel outside on the wall with CGI sheet on the roof. The House has strong foundation on the ground with pillar as metal pipe and beam connected with nut-bold system. It can be moved by a truck. Also, the house can built as 2 floors. The useful life is more than 25 years.

1.  Labor camp, like on-site accommodation, office, recreation room, etc.
2.  Telecommunication’s room
3.  Backyard granny flats
4.  Holiday house
5.  Other temporary project/hydropower/camp site construction

Flat packs container house strength
1.  Customized
2.  Knock down system, easy quick installation
3.  Prefabricated in the factory, bolt connection on site
1.  Wind resistance and anti-seismic, thermal-insulation, sound-insulation, fire-proof
2.  Reused for several times
3.  Can be lifted or forklift

K-type Prefabricated house 

Detail description:

  1. Reliable Structure: light steel structure ( safe and reliable)
  2. Disassembly and Assemblyis convenient: one person can fix 20-30 square meter every day. 6 person can install 3k X 10k standard prefabricated house in 2 days.
  3. Flexible Overall arragement: doors and windows can be set up in random position, cut off can be set up in random horizontal axis in the room.  The stair is set up outdoors.
  4. The structure is waterproof.

Services of Prefab House Nepal

UPVC PROFILE for window and door 

we can provide you with many different window and door system design according to your requirement. and advise you of how many pvc profiles can be used to make such a window or door.


Prefab House Nepal works for constructing of Commercial Complexes, Hospitals, Infrastructure Development, Residential Buildings and so on. In short we simply help to give shape to your dream.

The process of planning and developing the best way of producing the right amount of goods, at the right time and at the minimum cost, based on the total number of items which need to be produced, and the amount of materials, equipment and workers necessary for production


Designing is one of the core activity of Prefab House Nepal. We design the Infrastructures as per the needs and aspiration of clients.