Soundproofing and Acoustic Solutions in Nepal

Finding Your Quiet Oasis: Soundproofing and Acoustic Solutions in Nepal

Nepal, a land of breathtaking beauty and rich culture, can also be a place of vibrant sounds. From bustling marketplaces to honking horns, creating a peaceful haven within your home or workspace can be a challenge. Here’s where Prefab House Nepal comes in, offering a range of soundproofing and acoustic solutions to transform your environment.

Why Soundproofing Matters?

Constant noise exposure can have a significant impact on our well-being. It can lead to:

  • Decreased concentration and productivity
  • Increased stress and anxiety
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Hearing problems

Soundproofing Solutions by Prefab House Nepal

Prefab House Nepal offers a comprehensive approach to soundproofing, addressing both noise reduction and acoustic improvement. Here’s a glimpse into their services:

  • Soundproof Treatment: Transform noisy rooms into serene sanctuaries. Prefab House Nepal utilizes the latest materials and techniques to block unwanted sound from entering or leaving a space.
  • Studio Design: Create the perfect environment for musicians, podcasters, and content creators. Their expertise in studio design ensures optimal acoustics for recording and listening experiences.
  • Acoustic Panel Fabrication: Enhance the sound quality in your space with custom-made acoustic panels. Prefab House Nepal offers a variety of styles and materials to suit your aesthetic and acoustic needs.
  • Rockwool Insulation Installation: This effective insulation material not only regulates temperature but also absorbs sound, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment.

Benefits of Choosing Prefab House Nepal:

  • Experienced Professionals: Their team of experts is well-versed in soundproofing techniques and acoustic design principles.
  • Customized Solutions: They understand that every space has unique needs. Prefab House Nepal tailors their solutions to your specific requirements and budget.
  • High-Quality Materials: They use only the best materials to ensure optimal soundproofing and long-lasting results.
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: Prefab House Nepal prioritizes your needs and ensures your complete satisfaction with the finished project.

Ready to create a peaceful and productive environment in your home or workspace? Contact Prefab House Nepal today for a free consultation and discuss how they can transform your space with their soundproofing and acoustic expertise.

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Embrace the peace and focus you deserve with Prefab House Nepal!

P.S. Share your noise frustrations and questions about soundproofing in the comments below!

False Ceiling in Nepal

False ceiling, also known as drop ceiling or suspended ceiling, is a ceiling that hangs lower from the roof leaving space between actual roof and ceiling. False ceiling imparts an aesthetic appearance to the place and the interiors of the place.

False ceiling has many advantages:

  • It provides a smooth homogeneous surface to the roof.
  • It provides fire protection as it creates compartmentation.
  • False ceiling helps in acoustical treatment.
  • It conceals all the non-pleasing elements and hides it from the viewer’s eyes.
  • It also hides the pipelines and the electrical cables running in the room.
  • All the ducts of air-conditioning can be hidden under it.
  • False ceiling materials are easy to install and cheap as compared to traditional roof systems.

Besides its advantages, it has few disadvantages also:

  • False ceiling needs maintenance
  • These are more prone to moisture and pest attack and also may decay with time
  • Also, the height of the room is reduced by the false ceiling.

The most commonly used materials in the making of false ceiling are:

1.    Gypsum False Ceiling

Gypsum is a soft, light weight hydrated sulfate of calcium. Earlier it was very laborious work to install a roof with the traditional methods, but with the advent of gypsum boards for false ceiling, it became easy to install and also cheaper.

Gypsum false ceiling consists of gypsum boards that are being supported by iron framework. It is available in variable thickness and sizes as well. It is quite light weight and is easy to install.

2.    Metal False Ceiling

Metal is a very durable material. Besides it has shiny surface. The reflection and its shine add on to its beauty.

Metal sheets and plates of different sizes and thickness are available for the purpose of false ceiling. The metals mainly used for false ceiling are Galvanized Iron and Aluminium. Fixing and installation of the metal sheets is quite easy and consumes very less labor.

3.    Wooden False Ceiling

Wood besides being a light weight material, also has its own texture and pattern. Wooden false ceiling is used very commonly these days and have a very pleasant impact to the viewers eyes.

Hollow wooden blocks, or wooden panels, or wooden boards can be used to make a wooden false ceiling. Wooden blocks can be easily installed even with the help of nails and screws.


4.    Fiber False Ceiling

Mineral fiber is a material developed by man made from natural or synthetic minerals. These when compressed to for a lot, are very good heat insulators as well as sound proofing material.

These mineral fiber tiles are available in various shapes, sizes and patterns. These being cheap and quick in installation are in very high demand in the areas of false ceiling buildings.

5.    Glass False Ceiling

Glass is a non crystalline material. It has a general property of being brittle and transparent, but its properties can be altered by adding metal content and also adhesives to its composition.

The glass being used is fiber glass for the purpose of false ceiling. Glass is an insulator and also is a fire retardant material. Glass false ceiling looks great on the ceilings and aesthetically they appear awesome.

6.    Synthetic leather False Ceiling

Synthetic leather and thermocol sheets are man-made materials being developed to provide aesthetic appearance to the interiors of the building.

This type of false ceiling is not extensively used but is very light weight and is quite new.

7.    POP False Ceiling

Plaster of Paris (POP) is commonly used for constructing false ceilings. Gypsum, which gives out water when heated, makes POP. Post-heating, gypsum softens and is then crushed to form a powder. POP hardens instantly when water is added to it. It is applied to fiberboard or a wood base, which is then suspended to form the false ceiling

The most important feature of false ceiling’s beauty is cove lighting. It is an indirect form of artificial light.

False ceiling besides imparting aesthetic appeal, is also very functional. Modern buildings, especially, malls, hospitals, and also residential buildings have developed the concept of false ceiling because it hides all the ugly members on the ceiling and imparts a smooth finish to the surface.

It is not mandatory that only one material can be used for making a false ceiling design. Two or more than two materials can also be used. For instance, usage of combination of wooden and POP false ceiling is quite common.

The increasing demand for false ceiling has lead many companies to establish especially to manufacture false ceiling designs. A lot of false ceiling design options are available in the market at present. Please ensure the type of false ceiling and also the rates before choosing any particular type of false ceiling.

soundproofing and insulation Nepal

1: Soundproofing and Acoustic Works**🔇 Tired of outside noise disrupting your peace? We’ve got the solution! Introducing our expert Soundproofing and Acoustic Works services in Nepal. 🎶🔊✅ Reduce noise, enhance sound quality, and create the perfect acoustic environment. 📩 Contact us at for a quieter, more harmonious space. Your acoustic satisfaction is our guarantee! 🛠️🎵 #SoundproofingNepal #AcousticDesign #NoiseControl #Nepal 2: Elevate Your YouTube Studio**🎥 Calling all content creators! Upgrade your YouTube studio with our top-notch design services. 🌟🎬✅ Optimize lighting, acoustics, and aesthetics for a professional-grade setup.📩 Reach out to us at and let’s create a studio that enhances your content. Your success is our priority! 🎙️🎨 #YouTubeStudioDesign #ContentCreators #StudioSetup #Nepal 3: Transform Your Space with Acoustic Expertise**🏢 Whether it’s a home theater, office, or recording studio, our Acoustic Works will transform your space into an auditory masterpiece. 🎶🎧✅ Improve sound quality, reduce echoes, and create an immersive experience.📩 Contact us at and let’s make your space sound better than ever. Your ears will thank you! 🛠️🔊 #AcousticDesignNepal #SoundQuality #RoomAcoustics #Nepal4: Studio Design for YouTube Success**🌟 Your YouTube journey starts with the right studio! Our Studio Design services are tailored to boost your content and captivate your audience. 🎬📸✅ Professional lighting, soundproofing, and layout for a standout studio.📩 Reach out to us at and let’s create a YouTube space that elevates your brand. Your subscribers will notice! 🎥🔊 #StudioDesign #YouTubeSuccess #ContentCreation #NepalRemember to incorporate relevant keywords and phrases related to soundproofing, acoustic work, and YouTube studio design in your content to enhance its SEO for your target audience in Nepal. Prefab House Nepal Pvt. Ltd:—🏡 **Prefab House Nepal Pvt. Ltd**📞 Contact: 9851187267📧 Email: prefabhousenepal@gmail.comFrom vibrant paints that ignite creativity to sturdy Cement Boards building a robust foundation, versatile Gypsum Boards adding style and function, and transformative epoxy bringing surfaces to life, along with insulating Rock Wool for ultimate comfort, we’re your one-stop solution for all things construction and design. Whether it’s waterproofing, undercoats, finishes, or even specialized hospital-grade solutions, we’ve got you covered. Experience innovation, durability, and artistry in every product. Your vision, our expertise.🏢 **”Your One Stop Building Solution”**1. Cement Boards2. Gypsum Boards3. Sandwich panels4. Epoxy 5. Insulation materials (Rockwool, Glasswool)6. Paints for every surface7. Acoustic tiles8. Texture Paint9. UPVC roofing sheets10. Channels and Accessories 11. Jointing compound 12. Planks And Many More…We also provide installation services for all the above products.🌐 Visit us at #Renovation #DreamProject #Nepal #FalseCeiling #Rockwool #Insulation #Kathmandu #BuildingMaterials #Contractor #CementBoard #SandwichPanel #HomeRenovation #Interior #EpoxyCoating #BuildingMaterialSupplier #TexturePaint #InteriorDesign #ConstructionMaterials #Architecture #prefab house Nepal #NepalConstruction #Paint #AcousticTiles #Flooring #UPVC #HomeImprovement—

construction work rates in Nepal

Remember us for all insulation work Hot Insulation Cold insulation thermal insulation in Kathmandu Nepal


1. Dacting All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

2. Puf Panel Wall & Ceiling All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

3. Roofing Sandwitch Puf Panel All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

4. Room Aquestic Ceiling & Wall Paneling All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft S.

5.Colour Coated Single Roofing & Wall Sheet The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

6. Roofing Insulation All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

7. Underdeck Insulation All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

8. Pipe line Insulation & Cudding & Plustert All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

9. Dacting Insulation All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

10. Wooden Flooring All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

11. PVC Flooring All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft 12. Unitile False Flooring All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

13. Outer Cement Board +HPL+ACP+WPC Cladding All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

14. All Partition Wall All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

15. Gypsum False Ceiling All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

16. T GRID False Ceiling All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

17. Metal False Ceiling All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

18. Pup False Ceiling All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

19. PVC False Ceiling All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

20. Wooden False Ceiling All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft

21. Room Acoustic Insulation All The Labour Charge / Sq Ft Contact us Matrials use to prefab buildings.➡RCC foundation➡WallAac blockCement board,Prefab panel,Sy panelInterlocking bricks.➡Windows AlmuniumUpvcKath ko chaukas➡DoorAlmuniumUpvcReadymade wood doors➡CellingCement board2×2 design cellingModular design mpl board.Boral board.➡Bathroom/tilesTiles indian companyPPR pipeACCESSORIES indian brand.➡KitchenModular kitchen designSimple dhalan kitchenIron structure rack.➡Room finishing.DIFFERENT type of colors (berger paints)Wall art3d wall foamWallpaper stickers.➡Roof.Upvc roofing sheetCcGi color roofing sheetPlain roffing sheet.Dhalan with decking sheet Note: We do all type of construction work and we provide repairing/servicing services.Steel Structure for Building – supply, fabricating in factory and transporting to the work site and erecting the same for complete building including main frames, columns, beams, bracings, truss, purlins, girts, sag rods, structs, brackets, rail girders, caged ladder, walkways and hand rails etc as per apporved drawing and as per standards complete in all respect and including painting at site etc complete and with foundation bolts and fixing template complete.Wall Prefab board , ceiling gypsum board,door window aluminium.Civil work PCCSingle story Rs 2300 per sq.ft Two story Rs 2700 per sqft.

prefabhousenepal@gmail.comPrefab House Nepal Prefab House Nepal

Acoustic Panel in Nepal soundproofing and Reverb control

**Acoustic Panels for Prefab Houses in Nepal**Are you seeking tranquility in your prefab home?

Prefab House Nepal, in collaboration with Acoustix brings you cutting-edge acoustic solutions to enhance your living experience. With over two decades of expertise and state-of-the-art German manufacturing, we offer a range of products designed for impeccable soundproofing.

*Why Choose Prefab House Nepal for Acoustix®?**-

*Extensive Product Selection:** Explore acoustic foam panels, BassBloc® bass absorbers, Mass Loaded Vinyl, door seal tapes, and more for comprehensive soundproofing.-

Our technical specialists are available from 9:30 am to 7 pm NST, Tuesday to Sunday. Contact us at +9779851187267 for personalized advice.

*Applications Across Diverse Sectors**- *Commercial Spaces:* Tailor-made acoustical treatments for offices, retail spaces, and hotels.-

*Education:* Budget-friendly soundproofing solutions for classrooms, fostering an ideal learning environment.- *Healthcare:* Innovative sound solutions inspired by HIPAA standards, promoting better indoor environmental quality.-

Hospitality:* Stylish and low-maintenance sound solutions for an enjoyable living experience.- *Industrial:* Robust sound blockers and absorbers to mitigate heavy equipment noise.-

Residential Spaces:* Thoughtful acoustic design for superior sound in home theaters and living spaces.**Product Highlights**- *Acoustic Foam Panels:* High-quality sound-absorbing panels with 3D designs, available in various thicknesses.- *BassBloc® Bass Absorber:* An eco-friendly alternative with superior soundproofing properties.-

*SoundBlanket® MLV:* Mass-loaded vinyl for effective noise reduction on walls, ceiling, and floors.- *Soundproofing Door Seal Tapes:* Efficiently fills gaps, contributing to complete soundproofing.- *Echsorbix® Acoustic Polyester PET Panels:* Sustainable sound absorbers available in a variety of colors.- *Wooden Acoustic Panels:* Aesthetic wooden panels ideal for studios, auditoriums, and offices.-

*Soundproofing Curtains:* Multi-layer curtains with premium acoustic fabric, effectively blocking sound and light.**Client Testimonials**- *BYJU’S:* High-quality panels chosen as the preferred vendor for tuition studios across India.- *Adani Port Mundra:* Swift supply and professional solutions for office acoustics.- *Ubisoft Abu Dhabi:* Diverse options for studio aesthetics and acoustics with prompt delivery to Abu Dhabi.- *Google Inc Gurgaon:* Effective sound isolation membranes and pads for inter-room sound blocking.- *Hilton Hotel & Resorts, Qatar:* Swift delivery, professionalism, and effective solutions for banquets and lobby isolation.

Elevate your prefab living experience with Prefab House Nepal and MMT Acoustix®. Explore and purchase online at []( or reach out to us for expert advice and solutions.

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Nepal

Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Ceramic Fiber Products are types of Alumina – Silicate refectories, produced by melting and blowing high purity kaolin melt of Alumina and silica in arc furnace.

Fiber So formed are white in color, non crystalline and glassy.

1 Ceramic Fiber Blankets

1.2 Ceramic Blanket
1.2 Ceramic Blanket 1

Product Details:

Standard ceramic fibers are made from inorganic materials, primarily Alumina, Silica & Zirconium, with long refractory fiber, which are binder free and are needled leading to very high thermo stability. Due to unique physical and refractory properties it will be used in high temperature application. Under normal circumstances ceramic fiber can be applied at 1260 Dec C. Ceramic Blanket has very low thermal Conductivity.

Densities (Kg/M3)64/ 96 /128
Dimensions0.610 Mts W & 7.3 Mts L
Thicknesses in (mm)12, 25, 38, 50
TEMPERATURE RANGE1260 Deg C / 1425 Deg C
USES:Reformer / Heater / Furnace / Kiln lining, Coke Ovens, Expansion GapThermal Barrier for Automotive industryBoiler / Ducts / Pipeline, Steam & Gas Turbine Insulations

2 Ceramic Fiber Boards

2.3 Ceramic Board
ceramic Board

Product Details:

Ceramic fiber Board is made of ceramic bulk fiber with special formulated binder produced by vacuum formed technology. The ceramic board has excellent toughness and intensity, high strength, lightweight, excellent thermal shock resistance and anti-stripping.

Densities (Kg/M3)220- 240
Dimensions0.5 / 0.6 Mt. W ( 1 Mt. L)
Thicknesses in (mm)25, 50
TEMPERATURE RANGE1100 /1260 / 1425 Deg C
USES:Refractory lining.Insulating backup to dense refractory materials.Insulating backup to bricks & castable.Furnace hot face lining in ceramic kilns, box furnace & petrochemical furnace.Use in industrial heat processing equipment.Rigid high temperature gaskets & seals.High temperature Baffles & muffles.Fuel & chimney lining in furnace & kilns.Molten Metal through covers.Hot gas duct lining.Expansion joints.Industrial heat shields &thermal barriers.Industrial Combustion chamber construction.Domestic appliances & light –duty industrial combustion chamber construction.

3 Ceramic Fiber Cloth / Tape / Rope

Ceramic Cloth
Ceramic Cloth

Product Details:

Ceramic fiber cloth are woven from ceramic fiber yarn reinforced with fiber glass yarn/ SS wire.

Ceramic Cloth can be used in wide range of industrial, high temperature sealing and insulation application. Cloths are reinforced with fiber glass yarn can be used up to 850 Deg C and reinforced with SS wire can be used up to 1100 Deg C

Classification Temp.(0C)1260 Deg C
Continuous Using Temp.(0C)1100 Deg C (stainless steel reinforced)
850 Deg C ( Fiberglass Reinforced)
Dimensions1 Mt W X 10 Mt L(Thickness 2, 3 mm)
0.5 Mt W X 25 Mt L(Thickness 2, 3 mm)
UsesFurnace door and radiant tubes seals.Blast furnace stove expansion joints.Coke oven ascension pipe seal, preventing fume emission on exhaust collection system.Coke oven door seal preventing gas leakage.Piping Insulation.High temperature Turbine Casing.Welding curtain / Boiler / Furnace Door Curtain.

4 Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic Paper

Product Details:

Ceramic Fiber paper are manufactured from refractory ceramic fiber and provides effective solution to wide spectrum of thermal management problems. Utilize our proprietary high output spinning techniques theses products offer superior insulating performance, flexibility and resilience.

Classification Temp. (0C)1260 Deg C
Dimensions1 Mt W X 30Mt L(Thickness 2 mm)
1 MT W X 20Mt L(Thickness 3 mm)
UsesUsed in various types of refractory and sealing applications.Gaskets.Parting plane in refractory lining.Thermal and electric Insulation.Refractory backup insulation.Commercial and residential cooking and heating appliance insulation.Automotive muffler insulation.

5 Bulk Ceramic Fiber


Product Details:

Bulk Ceramic Fiber made from alumina, silica and Zirconia. Bulk Ceramic fiber resists to most chemicals except Hydrofluoric & Phosphoric acids and strong alkalis

Classification Temp. (0C)1200, 1260, 1425
Bulk Fiber Packing20 / 25 Kg Bags , 16 Kg Cartons
UsesRaw Material for the manufacture of finished products such as Boards, Shapes, Paper & Yarn.Expansion joints, Patching and emergency repair in furnace, boilers heaters etc.Loose insulating fill for crowns, walls of kilns and furnaces.Packing material for temporary of insulation.Precursor for engineered fibers.

Best Insulation Materials in Nepal

Thermal Insulation In Nepal

We undertake all kind of Industrial Thermal (Hot, Cold & Dual ) Insulation Contracts across all major industries on AMC / Project Basis


Roof Insulation in Nepal

We help you Insulation your Roof for Thermal Comfort along with saving energy used for maintaining building’s ambient temperature


HVAC Insulation in Nepal

We undertake all kind of insulation work needed in HVAC Insulation & R Systems used across Commercial & Industrial purpose.

Accoustic Insulation

Acoustic Insulation in Nepal

We undertake all Acoustic Insulation works to repel, absorb or disperse noise & further keep sound intensity at a manageable level

Home Page Insulation Jacketing1

Insulation Jacketing in Nepal

We do install metallic and non metallic jacketing systems over insulation to provide weather protection & mechanical strength.

List of Insulation materials in Nepal

Insulation materials are substances or products designed to reduce heat transfer between different areas or components of a structure. They are used to create a barrier that minimizes the flow of heat, sound, or electricity. Insulation materials are commonly used in buildings, appliances, vehicles, and various industrial applications.

Here are some common types of insulation materials:

  1. Fiberglass: Fiberglass insulation is made from thin fibers of glass. It is one of the most widely used insulation materials due to its affordability, fire resistance, and effectiveness in reducing heat transfer. Fiberglass insulation comes in the form of rolls or batts and is commonly used in walls, attics, and ceilings.
  2. Mineral Wool: Mineral wool, also known as rock wool or slag wool, is made from molten rock or industrial byproducts. It consists of intertwined fibers that trap air pockets, providing good thermal and acoustic insulation. Mineral wool is resistant to fire, moisture, and pests. It is commonly used in industrial applications, HVAC systems, and as cavity insulation.
  3. Cellulose: Cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper or plant fibers treated with fire retardants. It is an eco-friendly option with good thermal performance. Cellulose insulation is often blown into attics, walls, and other enclosed spaces, filling gaps and providing effective insulation.
  4. Polystyrene: Polystyrene insulation is available in two forms: expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS). EPS is lightweight and has good thermal insulation properties, while XPS is denser and offers higher compressive strength. Polystyrene insulation is commonly used in walls, roofs, and foundations.
  5. Polyurethane Foam: Polyurethane foam insulation is a spray-applied material that expands to fill gaps and cavities. It provides excellent thermal insulation, air sealing, and moisture resistance. Polyurethane foam is commonly used in buildings, including walls, roofs, and crawl spaces.
  6. Reflective Insulation: Reflective insulation consists of a layer of foil or metalized film that reflects radiant heat. It is often used in attics, roofs, and walls to reduce heat gain. Reflective insulation is combined with other insulation materials to provide enhanced thermal performance.
  7. Aerogel: Aerogel is a highly porous material with extremely low thermal conductivity. It is composed of a gel in which the liquid component has been replaced with gas. Aerogel insulation is lightweight and offers excellent thermal performance, making it suitable for applications where space is limited.

These are just a few examples of insulation materials available in the market. The choice of insulation material depends on factors such as cost, desired thermal performance, fire resistance, environmental impact, and specific application requirements.

Rockwool Insulation in Nepal – Best Soundproofing for Wall , Studio design in Nepal

Welcome to Prefab House Nepal, where we prioritize your comfort and tranquility in every aspect of prefab home construction. In a bustling country like Nepal, finding solace within your living space is paramount. That’s why we bring you a revolutionary solution: Rockwool soundproofing material, designed to elevate your living experience by minimizing unwanted noise disturbances.

Nepal, with its vibrant culture and thriving cities, often presents challenges in finding peace and quiet within your own home. Whether it’s bustling streets, neighborhood activities, or even the sound of rain, external noises can disrupt your peace and hinder relaxation. That’s where Rockwool soundproofing steps in as the ultimate solution.

Benefits of Rockwool Soundproofing Material:

  1. Exceptional Noise Reduction: Rockwool’s dense structure effectively absorbs and dampens sound vibrations, significantly reducing noise transmission from outside sources. Whether you’re in a bustling urban area or a serene countryside, enjoy a quieter ambiance within your prefab home.
  2. Thermal Insulation: Beyond noise reduction, Rockwool also offers excellent thermal insulation properties. By regulating indoor temperatures, it helps create a cozy environment year-round, minimizing the intrusion of external heat or cold.
  3. Fire Resistance: Safety is paramount in any home construction. Rockwool’s non-combustible nature adds an extra layer of protection, enhancing the fire resistance of your prefab home and ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Made from natural stone and recycled materials, Rockwool is eco-friendly and sustainable. By choosing Rockwool soundproofing, you’re not only investing in your comfort but also contributing to a greener future.
  1. Expertise in Prefab Construction: With years of experience in the industry, Prefab House Nepal brings unmatched expertise to every project. From design to execution, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring your prefab home exceeds expectations.
  2. Customizable Solutions: We understand that every homeowner has unique needs and preferences. That’s why we offer customizable solutions, allowing you to tailor your prefab home to suit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.
  3. Exceptional Customer Service: Your satisfaction is our priority. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service every step of the way, from initial consultation to post-construction support.

Industrial Rockwool Insulation in Nepal

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Ceiling & HVAC Insulation in Nepal

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Acoustic Rockwool Insulation

How Rockwool Insulation Material has Completely Changed The Dynamics Of The Building Industry Over the Years

Rockwool Insulation Materials

 Rockwool / Stone wool is a fibrous material formed by spinning of molten mineral or rock material such as rock, slag.

LRB Mattresses

LRB Mattress2
lrb Mattresss
LRB Mattress 1

Product Details:

Rockwool Insulation mattress is lightly resin bonded mineral fibers faced one side with hexagonal galvanized or stainless steel wire netting.

LRB Mattress is a flexible material having firm structure reinforced due to wire mesh. Rockwool Insulation mattress is non-combustible in nature.

Densities (Kg/M3)70-160
Dimensions1.22 Mts W , 1.52/1.64 /3-5 Mts L
Thicknesses in (mm)25,40,60,50,75,100
USES:Insulation ofVesselsTowers of Chemical Process plantsSteam TurbinesBoilersStorage tankPipeline

Rockwool Slab

Rock wool Slab with Foil
Rockwool Slab
Rockwool Slab

Product Details:

Rockwool Slabs are semi rigid and rigid boards manufactured from stable stone fiber bonded with thermosetting resin binder.

Rockwool Slabs are available un-faced or faced with Glass reinforced Aluminum Foil / Kraft paper laminated facing and Black Fiber Glass Tissue.

Densities in (Kg/M3)48 / 64/ 96/ 120 / 144/ 160
Dimensions0.600/ 0.500 Mts W ( 1 /1.2 Mts L)
Thicknesses in (mm)25 – 200 mm
USES:Thermal Acoustic InsulationResidential & commercial buildingsInterior walls / Dry wall partitionsCuring Ovens / DryersIndustrial application where fire safety is a concern

Rockwool Pipe Section

Rockwool pipe



Product Details:

Rockwool Pipe sections are made from non-combustible, inorganic rock fiber and are suitable for the insulation of small and large diameter heating and ventilation pipes.

Rockwool Pipe is also available in facing of Glass Fiber reinforced Aluminum Foil/ Kraft Paper Laminates and ALG.

Densities (Kg/M3)100, 128, 130, 136, 144
Dimensions1, 1.2, 1.25 Mt L
Pipe Diameter in (Inch)½” to 18 “
Thicknesses in (mm)25 – 100 mm
UsesInsulation of steam pipeHot water pipesOil Pipe line

How Will You Decide Which Insulation Type Gives The Most Effective Result? Below Is a Brief Comparison Between Glass Wool & Rockwool

1ResourceGlass wool is made from a mixture of natural and recycled glassRockwool is made of Volcanic rock which is an abundant resource
2Fire ResistantNon-CombustibleNon-Combustible. High-density rock wool is the ideal solution.
3Compressive StrengthGlass wool is made from a mixture of natural and recycled glass than Rock woolGreat compressive strength. Can be made up to 200kg in density
4Thermal PerformanceMore versatile, cost-effective at lower weightsThe material is 10% thicker to give the same performance
5Acoustic PerformanceGood acoustic performanceExcellent acoustic performance with low weights
6HygroscopicThe lighter the density, the easier it is for the water to penetrate.Water-Resistant

Why Rockwool Insulation Is An Ideal Option For a Wide Variety Of Spaces And Needs

  • High Acoustic Performance
  • Superior Thermal Performance
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Excellent fire safety
  • Bacteria & Germ-Free
  • No sagging and settling
  • Easy to Cut and Install
  • Minimum wastage on site
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Eco-Friendly
  1. Rockwool Supplier and Studio Designer in Kathmandu: we stand as the foremost supplier of Stonewool insulation in the Kathmandu region, renowned for its quality and reliability. Now available in Kathmandu through Prefab House Nepal, you can trust in the excellence of products for your prefab home soundproofing and insulation .
  2. Transparent Pricing: We believe in 100% transparency when it comes to pricing. With Unidus Stonewool insulation, you’ll receive honest pricing without hidden costs, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.
  3. Specialized Environment Mapping: Our specialized knowledge-based tool enables precise mapping of site conditions, allowing us to tailor solutions to your specific environment. This ensures optimal performance and durability of Unidus Stonewool insulation in Kathmandu’s unique climate.
  4. Up to 60% Higher Durability: Unidus products are engineered for durability, offering up to 60% higher resilience compared to traditional insulation materials. Enjoy long-lasting comfort and performance in your prefab home with Unidus Stonewool insulation.
  5. Versatile Solutions: As a trusted dealer, distributor, manufacturer, and installer of various renowned brands including Armstrong, Gyproc, Everest, and more, Prefab House Nepal offers comprehensive solutions for a variety of applications including hotels, corporate offices, multiplexes, and villas.
  6. Cost Savings and Faster Installation: Experience guaranteed savings of up to 30% on costs and up to 25% faster installation by our trained teams. With Unidus Stonewool insulation, efficiency and affordability go hand in hand.
  7. Free Consultation: Take advantage of a free consultation by our insulation specialists, valued at Rs 2500. Benefit from expert advice and personalized recommendations for your prefab home insulation needs.

Conclusion: At Prefab House Nepal, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing prefab home construction in Kathmandu. Partnering with Unidus, the largest ceilings supplier in north and northeast India, we bring you unmatched quality, reliability, and expertise in Stonewool insulation. Join us in enhancing your prefab home experience with Unidus Stonewool insulation – contact us today for a consultation and let’s build your dream home together.

जीवन को खोज : कसरि महायात्रा सम्भब छ ?

रिमझिम रिमझिम पानी को हल्काफुल्का वर्षाले  हृदय लाई प्रदान गरेको शितलता त्यो सुर्यको किरण बिना पनि रहेको प्रकाश र मेघका केहि गर्जन यसले मन पुलकित भएको छ अर्कोतर्फ भाब को लहरमा बगेर आउने बिचारको समिश्रण र बोध ले दिएको स्वीकृति

जीवनको यस भब सागरमा कति संशय हरु आएका छन अनि कति संकल्पित हुन नसकेका बोध पनि छन|

कुनै यस्तो समय थियो अस्पताल  मा पुग्दा डाक्टर बन्ने रुची र कुनै खेतको डिलमा पुग्दा पसिना पुछ्दै गरेको किसान  र कुनै भक्ति संगीत को सत्संग मा पुग्दा सारा मनका आशा,आकांक्षा  छोडेर  एक फकिर बन्ने अभिप्सा  : यी सबै  पानीका फोका जस्तै बन्ने र फुट्ने भाब भंगी तर त्यसको  कल्पनामा डुबेर लिएको आनन्द कति यथार्थ थियो  त्यो भाब मा एक प्रेमको आमन्त्रण थियो आफु मा कुनै बिशिस्ट गुण ले भरिपूर्ण बन्न पाउँ भन्ने अन्तः कारण को आवाज थियो | एक प्रेमी ले कुरिरहेका स्वीकृत जस्तै कहिँ कतै बाट एक आश्वाशन को अभिप्सा थियो | यी नै आशा मा कोशिस गरेको त्यो सुन्दर फुल को वरिपरी वर्षा परिसके पछी रहेको पानी को थोपा टिलपिल टिलपिल गरिरहेको जस्तै बिचारको बेग  फक्रन नसकेको त्यो कोपिला  जस्तो भान हुदै गए पछी जिबन को रंग प्रति उदासिन , यसको मौलिक पनमा रुची घट्दै गएको पनि सत्य हो  

जिबन त केवल एक खेल रहेछ यो त मनले बनाएको सपना को महल जस्तो टुटी हाल्दो रहेछ त्यो अन्तः कारण को आवाज बेगले गुन्जन नपाए पछी जिबनको  निरर्थकता को पनि महसुश भएको सत्य नै हो | एक मुसफिर जस्तै जीवनका चारै तर्फ को यात्रा अन्योलमय लक्ष्य बिहिन तर पनि फेरी कुनै पेशा , पद बाट फेरी पनि अन्तह कारण को अभिप्सा पुरा गर्ने सोच सहितको यात्रा  बढो बौद्धिक , मानिसक र बिलक्षण जसले केहि साश्त्र मा छिपेर रहेको त्यो प्रेमको थोपा त पाएकै हो , त्यो सश्त्र  मा लुकेको त्यो भौतिक बलले म नै हराउन बिलाउन सक्ने रहेछ भन्ने भय  पनि बुझिएकै हो र केहि त  हासिल गरेकै जस्तो भान भएकै  हो तर पनि पुनः त्यो मौलिकपनमा  अस्वीकृत रहिरहेको मनको बोझ , ति नदि बगे जस्तै बग्ने भाब र तेस्कै कल्पनामा डुबेका आनन्दको फोरा अझ ति ग्रन्थी बाट फुट्न सकेका छैनन् आज कोशिस गर्द्दा पनि ति मुर्झाएका हृदयका २४ कोठी हरु केहि निराश छन  

आज यिनले सम्यक ढंग बाट निर्णय वा संकल्प लिन सकेका छैनन् आज यिनले अरुलाई त मौलिकपन हुन दिएका छैनन् नै स्वयम् आफैलाई पनि झुक्याई रहेका छन यसरि कि सायद आफ्नो आत्म बोध लाई चाही बाधा पुर्याएको छैन भन्ने पूर्ण सपनामा डुबी डुबी | आज यि ज्ञानका धारले आफ्नै अन्तः करणको अभिप्सा लाइ पर्दा झैँ छेकी रहेका छन  एकातर्फ कुनै सश्त्र ले काट्न नसक्ने , आगोले जलाउन नसक्ने ,जलले भिजाउन नसक्ने , बायु ले सुकाउन नसक्ने तत्व हो भनिएको छ भने पुनः सोहि अत्मावन यस शरीर रुपी मनुष्यले त्यो अन्तःकरण को अभिप्सा को मार्ग भेट्न नसकी बिलखबन्द मा पनि आफ्नो शरीर लाइ दिएको कस्ट ले गलाको एक पासो ले खोसिएको व्यक्ति चेत हरण लाई आत्महत्या भन्छौ कसरि त्यस्तो सम्भब होला र आत्म हत्या सम्भब होला र ? शरीरको खुद हरण होला

3. नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावकः । न चैनं क्लेदयन्त्यापो न शोषयति मारुतः ।।२३।। इस आत्माको शस्त्र काट नहीं सकते, आग जला नहीं सकती, जल गला नहीं सकता और वायु सूखा नहीं सकता 

जीवको यस बडो बिचित्र यात्रामा आज हरेक बिषयमा बौद्धिक , मानसिक तार्किक ढंग बाट सोच्ने र आफ्नो जिबन शैली मा अभ्यस्त भै सकेको छ

एक स्वीकृतिको को आशा थियो त्यो बाल्यावस्था को तरंग मा एक निश्चलता थियो जसो जसो बाहिरी संसार को निर्माण थियो त्यसै त्यसै अन्तरिक चित्रण र भाब को सागर | बिस्तारै सत्य आफ्नो समझ नै हो जस्तो लाग्न थाल्यो येही बुझाई नै त्यो अन्तःकरण को मौलिकपन र त्येसको अभिपसा पनि आफ्नो समझ ले ठहरायाएको लाई नै हो भन्ने भान हुदै जान थाल्यो र सत्यको पथ कठिन झैँ लाग्न थाल्यो जो मा अझै पनि त्यो हृदय मा अबोधपन अझै पनि लुकी छिपी रहेको छ

सत्य वा आनन्द त केवल एक निमेषको बोधमा छ यो त आफ्नो मौलिकपन मा छ यो त म छु  भन्ने मा छ न कि म रहन्न कि भन्ने भएमा भन्दा पनि , म न रहेको बेलाको कल्पना ले म रहेको कल्पना लाई जिते पनि अवश्य पनि एक अरुधा ( delusion ) त पैदा हुन्छ नै  केवल म त तब सम्म रहन्छु जब मेरो साश्वत खोज को लागि एक बीज ले जमिनको खोजि गरे जस्तै जुन दिन जमिन मा गिर्यो अब वृक्ष हुने यात्रा निश्चित छ केबल संशय त त्यहा सम्म , मनको आवेग पनि त्यहा सम्म जब सम्म जमिन नाभेटियोस

केवल एक आमा नमिले सम्म जन्म अनिश्चित छ जुन दिन आमको गर्भ मिल्यो निश्चित रह्यो कि जन्मको र एक वृक्ष जे बढ्ने अवसर मिल्यो आज तेही अवसर को नै त कृतज्ञता हुने  मौका मिलेको छ

त्यो अहोभब र प्रेमको फुल फुलाउन एक अवसर मिलेको छ दुखको सागर बाट पार लगाउन एक महामाया ,महामा (living master ) को प्यास मा त कुदिरहेको छ यो नदि त्यो सागर को सानिध्यमा पुग्न जहाँ पुग्दा महसुश भयोस कि म नै सागर रहेछु केवल मेरो बगाई मात्र नदीको भएर गुज्रेको रहेछ ,सागर त मा नै रहेछ सागरमा नै मेरो घर रहेछ

या देवी सर्वभूतेषु शक्ति-रूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः॥