We are the leading name to reckon in construction industry. Since inception in 2018, we have been devoting our best approach to exceed our clients’ expectations by creating significant infrastructure in order to emerge as the Best & Top construction company in Kathmandu , Nepal a first class construction company with turn-key solution in most of the proect. A full-service providing construction company Serving in the Kathmandu and valley region since 2019.On time and on budget We Can Deliver All Types of Construction and Renovation Projects like Construction, Interior Execution, MEP(Mechanical Electrical Plumbing), Maintenance, Firefighting, Turnkey Projects, General Contractors, Collaboration and Projects Management Consultancy in Nepal .

Construction Management :We offer commitment at all levels of building project, from preparing for construction to construction management services. For years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost effective and responsive services.

We can execute complex kitchen remodeling projects that suit your personal style and preferences. We can assist you in making minor kitchen updates or performing entire kitchen remodeling.

Contact us for roofing truss, car poarch garage, Quality UPVC WINDOWS , DOORS, PARTATIONS , GLAZING and all kinds of UPVC Windows works
१) गुणस्तरीय UPVC का झ्याल , ढोका , पार्टेशन, ग्लेजिंग का लागि हामी लाई सम्पर्क गर्नु होस् !
स्टील का भर्याङ्ग बरन्डा नर्मल तथा ग्लास मा विशेष दक्ष मिस्त्री को माध्यम बाट जस्तो सुकै डिजाइन मा आकर्षक रूपमा निर्माण गरिने।
२)Upvc फाईबर आलमुनियम सिमेन्ट बोर्ड बाट ट्रस्ट निर्माण गरिने ।
३)गोल भर्याङ्ग ,स्टेप भर्याङ्ग , कैची गेट , सटर ,मैन गेट, ग्रील,कम्पाउन्ड बार ,कपडा स्ट्यान्ड , ट्यांकी स्ट्यान्ड अल्मु नियम का झ्याल ढोका पूर्ण रूपमा तयार गरिने ।
४)हरेक काम मा एग्रिमेन्ट गरिने जसमा प्रयोग गरिने समान प्रष्ट रुपमा खुलाइने समय अवधि भित्र काम पूर्ण गराइने ।


One stop Solution for Prefab Building Solution to House , Offices and Commercial Buildings with modern high-tech technology and National Building Code and Industry standard materials .we work closely with Kathmandu valley and out of valley in remote places as well .We are exclusive Prefab Building Construction Consultant and Builder .For Service such as
+ Planning
+ Excel based Financial
Modelling (Infrastructure
Projects only)
+ Interiors
+ CAD Renderings
+ Graphic design
+ Furniture design
+ Structural engineering
नेपालको कुनै पनि ठाउँमा १०० % ग्यारेन्टी को साथ सस्तो र भरपर्दो बिगत १० वर्ष देखि को अनुभबी र दक्ष कामदारबाट काम गराइने । सम्पुर्ण काम होलसेलमा हाम्रो सेवा हरु निम्न छन ।
Aluminium Windows/Doors, Partition
UPVC Doors/Window/Partition
Acp panel fascia, coverup
अफिस पार्टेसन
I Beam को घर /Commercial Building
Truss / Canopy / Perogola at Yard
सिमेन्ट बोर्ड /Prefab Panel Board Partition
Still railing line
Still railing 3line
Still railing 2line
Upvc doors
Upvc window
Topfun galss


Keshav Pd. Timalsina


He has been in  the construction and real-estate business for more than a decade and offers ingenious guidance and motivation for team to succeed the project in the best level.

Dinesh Timalsina

Project Menager

He has deployed team and technical guidance for project more than 50000 sq. ft .He would like to excel the work that can satisfy the client at the best level..

Manish Desai

Building Worker

He has been supervising the Board/Structure team for more than 2 years and He offers great working skills in difficult situation and has been key person to execute project.