Prefab House Nepal Pvt. Ltd has exclusive design and engineering technology for prefab house, prefab school, community hospitals, warehouse which is made of the heavy metal structure and cement-board inside and strength rolling channel outside on the wall with CGI sheet on the roof. The House has strong foundation on the ground with pillar as metal pipe and beam connected with nut-bolt system. It can be moved by a truck if required but it requires special heavy machines. Also, the house can be built as 2 floors. The useful life is more than 25 years.
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Our Vision

To become an nationally leading company that brings innovative solution in prefab building and meets customer expectations, providing high-quality products and services in the construction, landscape and prefab block, with our capabilities of utilization of advanced technology, technical human resource  and application of engineering solutions.

More about Us 

Prefabricated House (prefab house)

Our Mission

To offer high-quality products and services in the construction of prefab school, home, hospitals, warehouse in Nepal which complies with international standards within principals of social responsibility, business ethics and environmental awareness

What we do?

We are specialized in designing, manufacturing and building high quality environmental friendly prefabricated house, steel structure warehouse, container house, mobile steel villa, sentry boxes, portable cabins, and portable toilets and so on.

Application of Prefab Building

  1. Labor camp, like on-site accommodation, office, recreation room, etc.2. Telecommunication’s room, Community Hospitals, Prefab School Building3.  Backyard granny flats4.  Holiday house5.  Other temporary project/hydropower/camp site construction

Special Features

  1. Low-cost, modular building design for easier assemble and disassemble
    2. Cyclone proof and anti-seismic structure, heat insulation, water-proof, fire-resistant
    3. To breaking the traditional concept in the design of portable house, it can be easy to move and delivery the whole house without any charge of disassembly thus it shall be greatly decrease the cost of the project .That‘s why the Prefab house Nepal  portable house is very suitable for applied in the mobile and fixed construction site.

Note: The container house layout and materials can be made as customer’ requirements.

Product appropriateness

  1. Customized;2. Knock down system with lower transportation cost3. Quick assemble and disassemble4. Low cost5. Reuse for several times.6. It can be lifted up and movable

Material Specification

Sizes:9’x9, 13’x13’,13’x18’,18’x39’, 40’ or customized
Structure:   PillarBeamHeavy Metal 2”x2”  with Nut-Bolt Joint structure
Heavy Metal 2”x2”
FoundationBase Cement+ Concrete +Sand 1:2:4
Wall:Outside G.I StrengthInside Cement Board or Plywood orSandwich panels are EPS/PU/ROCK WOOL/MGO/Powder Coat Boarded.
Thickness:from 50mm to 100mm
Roofing:0.38mm Corrugated Zinc Sheet (Color )/ Plain
Flooring :Cement Tile  1” thickness or Parqueting orDiamond plate or according to the requirement of customers
Ceiling:Cement Board orPlywoodEPS color steel sandwich panel
Window:aluminum alloy frame with glass/Nepal Board or PVC material
Door:Aluminum alloy frame door +Nepal Board, compound wooden door.
ColoringAs Per Requirement
Electrification2 light and standard electrical connection with 2 power socket at each room/As Per Requirement
Sanitation1 Restroom with tile and basin and shower /As Per requirements
Anti-seismic degree8 degree
DesignFlat packing /Roofing/Customized Design
Civil Construction Estimate of Engineer for Site Cleaning ,Earthwork Excavation, Filling, Layout
FeaturesCyclone proof, anti-seismic structure, heat-insulation, water-proof, fire-resistant.

Company Information

Name of Company: Prefab House Nepal P. Ltd.

Incorporation: Company Registrar Office, Nepal Government

Year of Registration: 2015

Tel: 01- 5151186, Cell: 9851187267


Keshav Pd. Timalsina – Chairman

Dhankumari Timalsina – Director

Staff and Teams

Dinesh Timalsina – Technical Deployment Engineer

Bhuwan Kandel-Team Deployer

Sworna Maharjan-Architect and Landcape Designer

Anil Pokhrel-Civil Engineer

Kamal Pokhrel-Mechanical Engineer

Deepa Timalsina- Accounting Officer

Anish Poudel – Business Developer

Deepa Timalsina-Liason Officer

Head Field Work  Team

Bhola Ghimire- Chieft Technical Supervisor

Saroj Ghimire- Technical Supervisor

Dipendra Timalsina- Field Work Head

Kanchha Tamang- Civil Construction Worker

Sandeep-Transport Carrier

Govinda Shrestha – Logistic and Transport

Sharmila- Machine and Dye Handler