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Prefabricated houses are on the rise, there demand has soared in recent times due to various reasons. One of the main reasons for this change of heart is due changes in buyer’s perspective, buyers now are looking for something that is small-scale and affordable. Consequently, these Prefabricated houses are getting their due share in the sun. These houses were once perceived as old fashioned and of low quality hence they were hard to sell. Understanding the markets need and public sentiments, efforts were put into making these houses look presentable. As a result, prefabricated houses are now as stylish as any other conventional house and not only they are built quite efficiently as well. Prefabricated houses are also called prefab houses.

To have these as your next abode, it is essential that a deep analysis of this type of house is done, following are some pros of prefab houses.

Building a house with Prefab

Prefab House Nepal


  1. Pros
  • Affordability: Unlike conventional housing builders and their construction requirements, prefab home builders usually get building material cheap since they can easily predict the extent of their requirement. As a result, they can buy in bulk which reduces the costing, and this reduces the cost by a lot. Usually prefab builders give quotations in terms of cost per squared oot. This makes it even easier for the homeowners to asses the actual cost. In comparison with conventional housing prefab houses on cost per square foot are cheaper. In USA, a normal house cost about $125 to $150 a square foot, it’s not uncommon to find a prefab builder offering prices closer to $75 per square foot. If you are in need of a house that I comfortable and stylish yet it doesn’t have a huge mortgage, then prefab is the way forward.
  • Quick Assembling

If you are on a tight building schedule, then prefab can definitely help with that. Prefab builders know how to quickly place all the parts and pieces for a tight schedule, which means you’ll get to move in much faster. These houses can be brought to your bought lot and shell can be completed within a day. This in comparison to traditional building is very less, which requires somewhere between 3 to 12 months. Prefab houses also have the advantage that some of the basic, main components are already installed. Components like flooring and cabinets.

  • Improved Sustainability: a traditionally built home isn’t exactly kind to the environment. Materials are brought to your site each day, resulting in emissions. At the same time, materials go to waste and end up in landfills. So, if environment and sustainability are close to your heart then you should opt for prefab. Since building material is not wasted and the entire house is shipped in once, all of this contributes in reducing net emission by saving up on fuel. These houses are more energy efficient, utilizes solar panel and efficient window system. This helps you save on utilities in the long run, which could seriously increase your enjoyment of the home.

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