Cost Estimate of Prefab House

Estimate of Construction

Available Room Price for Structure only.

9’ x 9’ room                      Rs 350,000/-

9’ X 14’ room                   Rs 475,000/-

14’x 14’ room                  Rs 590,000/-

15’ x18’ room                  Rs  700,000/-

Breakdown of Home Structure

Structure   Metal  : 2”by 2” powder coating metal pipe pillar standard quality framework and beam and nut-bolt system

Roof                    : 0.38 mm ( 26 gaze zinc sheet) Aluminium truss ( Optional UPVC ,tile etc)

Wall Partition   : Cement board/ Aluminium Framing or Wood ply framing.(optional to thermocoal use/brick & other material )

Door and Window:   (Aluminium )

Ceiling:   Wood ply or Cement board (According to your requirement)

Floor: Smooth Cement tile

Electrification: City Line Complete installation ( Rs 3000-7000 /room)

Solar Line per home (  Rs 25000-50,000)

Sanitation: (6” by 8” size toile )                              Rs 50,000-95000/-

Landscaping and Civil Construction: Self

Here is the cost estimate of House that can be fabricated in Nepal.

Detailed Specification/ Estimate and Costing
Project Name:


Project Cost:

Project Duration:

Type: Home ¨  School¨ office   ¨   Store ¨  Others¨

Construction of without welding quick Nut-Bolt System

General specification


Powder Coated Heavy Metal 2”x2” 9’ height 2mmϕ with Nut-Bolt Joint structure.

Pillar & Beam by Metal

Size of Rooms:


Which Size of Room You would like to have?

¨ 9’x9 ¨Nos.        ¨13’x13’ ¨ Nos.      Total ¨

¨13’x18’¨ Nos.  ¨ 18’x39’ ¨  Nos.    Other¨

Total Area:                        Total Cost Rs.


Ground Foundation Base Cement+ Concrete +Sand 1:2:4 (2’x2’x2’ ground excavation, digging and 6”x6”x2’ post foundation

Wall: 50mm  Fab ¨

6” Brick   ¨

Outside Paneling Folding Channel G.I Strength 1”x4”x3’  and 1”x4”x5’

Inside Paneling Cement Board ¨      ¨4mm   ¨9mm

                 Plywood ¨      ¨4mm   ¨9mm

Sandwich panels are EPS¨  PU¨  ROCK WOOL¨  

            Total Cost Rs.



 0.32mm¨     0.35mm ¨      0.38mm¨ 0.41mm¨


   CCZS ¨           CZS ¨             PVC ¨

Total Cost Rs.

Flooring :

Cement Tile ¨   1” thickness

Parqueting ¨  P.C.C¨   Cement Board¨    other ¨

Total Cost Rs.


Cement Board   4mm ¨        10mm ¨  

Plywood        4mm¨        10 mm ¨  

EPS color steel/l sandwich panel ¨   other ¨

         Total Cost Rs.


Aluminum alloy frame with glass¨  Nepal Board ¨   ACP Board ¨

 PVC material ¨    Total Cost  Rs:


Aluminum alloy frame door +Nepal Board ¨     AL+ACP ¨

 compound wooden door ¨         Total Cost Rs.


As Per Requirement ¨  Distemper ¨   Weather Coat ¨   Enamel ¨ Other¨

Total Cost Rs.




      Total Cost Rs.






Commode ¨   Pine¨  Tile ¨  Shower¨  Mixer ¨  Basin ¨  Urinal¨ Mirror¨   P.P.R. PVC/Nepatop¨       G.I ¨   other ¨

Total Cost Rs.

Installation Company ¨     Owner ¨      Total Cost Rs.
Supervision Company¨      Owner¨      Total Cost Rs.
Design and Layout Company¨      Owner¨      Total Cost Rs.
Transportation Company¨      Owner¨  Total Cost Rs.
Civil Construction

 Estimate of Engineer for Site Cleaning ,Earthwork Excavation, Filling, Layout



Total Cost


In words:                                           Grand Total Cost:



Company Details:                                                                                                                                      




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9 thoughts on “Cost Estimate of Prefab House

  1. Garj Man Nakarmi Reply

    Our team wish to have overall idea about low cost prefab one-storey house having following requirements:
    1. one bedroom
    2. one kitchen+dining [small family]
    3. bathroom
    4. living room [lounge]
    All should be accommodate within 1000 sq feet.
    Note: we are interested in:
    – price estimate,
    – structure in use and client’s options
    We look forward to your genuine advice.

  2. Ritu Reply

    I want to build prefab house in Chitwan Nepal, please provide some detail and pricing for 1 storey house with 2bed rooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 1 toilet/bathroom.

  3. Rajan Prasad Pokhrel Reply

    Planning to build a prefab house in Butwal.
    Two and half story with 4BHK. Two master bedroom with attached bathroom. And one laundry.
    2500 square ft.
    With 2 garage

  4. मधुराम लामिछाने Reply

    चागुंनारायण नगरपालिका ६ तेलकोट भक्तपुर मा २तले घर टोइलेट २ तल माथि
    बाथरूम किचेन तल हल १किचेन र १ बेडरूम
    माथी ४ बेडरूम र टोइलेट बाथरूम १
    निर्माण को लागी लागत कतिमा तयार गर्न सकिन्छ
    कृपया जानकारी पाउँ।

  5. Samrat Reply

    2.5 storey house with 4 big rooms n 2 small room, kitchen ,4 toilet with with gud design. Total cost estimation n time duration. Total land for construction 12 dhur.

  6. Nira Reply

    I want to build prefab house with 2 storey having 2 bedrooms, 1 living room n 1 kitchen it’s in Kathmandu, baneshwor. What will be the price??

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