Main Material Details
No. Name Specification
1 External Wall Panel Double side 0.3mm -0.6mm color steel.
Middle core is 50 mm-300mm EPS,  density: 8kg/m3-20kg/m3;
Interior Frame uses 1.2mm-2.0mm U channel steel
2 Interior Wall Panel Double side 0.3mm -0.6mm color steel; Middle core is 50 mm-300mm EPS,
density: 8kg/m3-20kg/m3;
Interior Frame uses 1.2mm-2.0mm U channel steel
3 Roof Panel Double side 0.3mm -0.6mm color steel; Middle core is 50 mm-300mm EPS,
density: 8kg/m3-20kg/m3;
With dripping eave for running rainwater
4 Truss &
A Beam
Using hot galvanized C channel steel and U channel steel
5 Purline Using galvanized steel materials(Omega channel, C channel, Square tube)
6 Door Steel security door; Composite wood door; SIP door (Sandwich panel door);
Aluminum alloy door ;sliding door; PVC door
7 Window PVC Steel window or aluminum alloy window
8 Stair Hot galvanized C channel, steel Square tube and Checkered plate.
9 Column Galvanized square tube
10 Ceiling PVC ceiling or sandwich panel ceiling or gypsum board, Aluminum Panel ceiling,
wooden panel ceiling
11 Railing Galvanized square tube
Sizes of Room:

Which Size of Room You would like to have?

¨ 9’x9 ¨  Nos.                ¨  13’x13’ ¨  Nos.  Total ¨
¨  13’x18’   ¨  Nos.           ¨ 18’x39’ ¨  Nos.    Other¨

Structure:   Pillar
Powder Coated Heavy Metal 2”x2”  9’ height 2mmϕ
with Nut-Bolt Joint structure
Powder Coated Heavy Metal 2”x2”  9’ height 2mmϕ
Ground Foundation Base Cement+ Concrete +Sand 1:2:4 (2’x2’x2’ ground excavation, digging and 6”x6”x2’ post foundation
Wall: 50mm  Fab ¨
6” Brick   ¨
Outside Folding Channel G.I Strength 4”x3” and 4”x5”
Inside Cement Board ¨         Plywood  ¨ 4mm  ¨  9mm
Sandwich panels are EPS/PU/ROCK WOOL/MGO/Powder Coat Boarded.
 Wall Thickness: from 0.32mm¨      0.35mm ¨             0.38mm¨
Roofing: 0.32-0.41 mm  Corrugated Zinc Sheet (Color ¨  Plain¨   PVC ¨
Flooring : Cement Tile ¨    1” thickness
Parqueting ¨   P.C.C¨   Cement Board¨    other ¨
Ceiling: Cement Board   4mm ¨   10mm ¨
Plywood        4mm¨   10 mm ¨
EPS color steel sandwich panel ¨
Window: Aluminum alloy frame with glass¨   /Nepal Board ¨   ACP Board ¨
PVC material ¨     Total Cost  Rs:
Door: Aluminum alloy frame door +Nepal Board ¨
compound wooden door ¨
Coloring As Per Requirement ¨   Distemper ¨   Weather Coat ¨   Enamel ¨   Other¨
Electrification Wiring+Lighting+Switching+PowerSocket+Cabling+Electrical
Sanitation Commode ¨ Pine¨ Tile ¨ Shower¨ Mixer ¨ other ¨
Basin ¨    Urinal¨    Mirror¨  P.P.R. PVC/Nepatop¨ /G.I ¨
Installation Company ¨    Owner ¨
Supervision Company¨    Owner¨
Design and Layout Company¨    Owner¨
Transportation Company¨   Owner¨
Civil Construction  Estimate of Engineer for Site Cleaning ,Earthwork Excavation, Filling, Layout
Features Cyclone proof, anti-seismic structure, heat-insulation, water-proof, fire-resistant.