Prefabricated School Building in Nepal

Prefabricated School building in Nepal is specially daunting task as most of remote village doesn’t have access to electricity so welding system of structure are difficult to construct but our system uses nut-bolt system of connection.Different prefabricated modules are built in Nepal by prefab house Nepal.Prefabricated school can be build with UPVC as wall panelling and It is called Prefab UPVC building.

Prefab house especial Features

Prefab House is widely using in the different industry: the temporary house for road, railway and building
site, etc.Also can be as temporary office, meeting room , headquarters , public accommodation , and
temporary store , school,  hospital , parking lots, show rooms, electric house , repairing shop ,
gas station etc.
Product feature
1. Convenient to assemble and disassemble.
2. Practical, good space utilization and high price performance.
3. Almost dry construction which is environmental friendly.
4. Light and reliable, the steel structure is strong and firm.
5. Long life span capacity which could be reached over 30years.
6.Waterproof, fireproof, heatproof, windproof, soundproof