Prefab House Nepal in its Design & Engineering

Prefab House Nepal is an energy efficient, cost-friendly and best suited for Nepal which is modular insulated building. The construction provides a strong lasting wall that reduce heat gain in summer or heat loss in winter making these buildings ideal for all weather conditions and usable for all purposes.
Prefab houses is perfect alternative to building an office, workshop, hobby room, temporary shelter with conventional construction materials like concrete block, metal studs and drywall. The installation is much faster because all of the components used to construct have already been prepared in the factory. These prep process including designing the layout plan and pre-cutting at our factory and ready for immediate installation. Faster installation means less disruption on your daily business operations. Because there is no on-site fabrication there is less mess. This can be especially important in areas where dust and debris could interfere with sensitive manufacturing operations. On average you can anticipate 80% time saving when using our modular design to construct your ideal room.
Another advantage using our modular design is that all of the materials purchased to construct the prefabricated house is reusable. If you need to move your building simply disassemble all components and move them to new location. All of the components are reusable. If you need to modify the original layout simply contact us. We’ll redesign the layout even if no additional material are required.

Break-Down of Room

No. Sort Name Specification
1 specification length module as per requirements
2 width module as per requirements
3 height as per requirements, 2.6m~3.5m
4 Standard accessories wall 75mm Rockwool panel, 0.42mm/0.42mm, 120kg/m3
5 roof 75mm Rockwool panel, 0.42mm/0.42mm, 120kg/m3
6 door(d-1) 800mm*2000mm SIP door with cylinder lock and 3 keys
7 door(d-2) 750mm*2000mm SIP door with cylinder lock and 3 keys
8 window(w-1) 930mm*1200mm pvc sliding window with flyscreen
9 window(w-2) 930mm*600mm pvc sliding window with flyscreen
10 channel u shape channel, 75mm*50mm galvanized steel
11 post c-shape painted steel / galvanized square steel
12 roof beam c-shape painted/galvanized steel
  roof truss c-shape painted/galvanized steel
13 purlin c-shape painted/galvanized steel
14 optional accessories false ceiling calcium silicate board/ pvc ceiling
15 flooring laminated flooring/pvc flooring sheet/flooring tiles(for 1st floor only)
16 drainage& plumbing can offer plan and construction
17 electricity can offer plan and construction
18 furniture can offer various furniture if needed
19 technical parameter bearing load 50kg/m2
20 windo pressure 0.5kN/m2
21 fireproof A1
22 resitant temp. -20’C ~ +50’C
23 resistant earthquake 7 fission activate

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