Gypsum Ceiling System in Nepal is a suspended steel framing System in Nepal, clad with Gypsum Boards sheets. The finish surface would be smooth and may receive direct decoration such as painting and pasting of wallpaper. It is mostly used in areas with the modern and innovative designs are required and also are used where the plain ceiling is required. Compared with combustible wooden ceiling, Gypsum Board ceiling provides a safer and fire resistive environment.

All commercial and residential projects, such as: Factories, department�s stores, hospitals, office building, house building material Nepals, restaurants, etc.

The cost effective & the strong alternative of wooden particleboards for designer ceiling.
More space efficient, easily drilled for electrical and plumbing.
It is lightweight, flame resistant, quakeproof, and heat resistant.
Can be cut and routed, can be decorated, painted or tiled.
Smooth finish without visible joints.
Can be flexed to fit curved surfaces.
Easily installed by nails or screws.

Installation of Suspended Ceiling
This System in Nepal is most practical and simple type which comprises of a galvanized steel primary support channel, secondary channel and high quality Gypsum Board which provide a smooth finish ceiling without joints.


  • Determine the required ceiling level and mark the position of steel angle.
  • Use gunpowder nailing to secure the wire hanger on the ceiling.
  • Combine the wire hangers with the channel bracket to suspend the main channel.
  • Tie the furring channel to the main channels by the wire coupling clips.
  • Screw up the G.I.Angle on the wall.
  • Adjust all levels and alignments of the whole concealed System in Nepal precisely.
  • Fix the HOMEMANDU Gypsum Board with gypsum screw spacing 24cm on the surface of furring channel and G.I.Angle.
  • Finish the joint with HOMEMANDU GypCompound hide the screw heads and allow to set/dry before painting.

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