Thermal & Acoustic Insulation in Nepal

Looking For Thermal Insulation Materials For Buildings in Nepal?

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Insulation material in buildings helps to insulate it from acoustic as well as heat. These materials can be used in ceilings and drywall partitions. Depending upon the insulation strength you required, these can be varied in material, density, and thickness.



Termite and Fungus Resistant

High Thermal Performance


High Acoustic Performance


Fire Resistant


Compressive Strength


Great Sound Insulation

Glasswool Insulation

Glasswool makes a significant contribution to ensuring safe workplaces by providing efficient thermal & acoustic insulation. Glasswool is used for general applications like Cavity Wall Insulation, Under-deck Insulation, Drywall insulation, False Ceiling Tiles, Internal wall linings, Curtain walls as well as Ducting, Flat roof, Ventilated Facade Insulation, etc

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Glasswool Rolls

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FSK Glasswool Rolls

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Installed Glass wool

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Rockwool Insulation

Rockwool is used for high-temperature applications like Industrial Insulation, Exterior HVAC duct Insulation, Interior boiler insulation, For Temperature Preservation, in Speaker Manufacturing Companies, Ventilated Facade Insulation etc.

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Floor Insulation

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Rockwool Ceiling Insulation

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Loose Rockwool

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