Ready-Made Solid Wall Panels in Nepal

Searching For Ready-Made Solid Wall Panels?

Are You Not Sure Which One To Buy, From Where & The Cost?

Solid Ready-Made Wall Panels are high strength artificial walls that can be used as an alternative to regular brick walls or to make partitions in between the space available. Ready-made walls have cement boards on both sides and aerated concrete in the middle.

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Exterior Wall Panel

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Interior Aerocon Block Separation

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Interior wall paneling in Offices


  • These concrete panels offer great acoustic insulation
  • These readymade cement sheets are fire, water, and termite resistant.
  • Very quick and easy installation alternate
  • These wall panels are space-saving and environment-friendly
  • Air conditioners, TV and audio equipment can be easily installed on these walls.
  • Full or half-height partitions, rooftop extensions, mezzanine floors, etc can build easily using solid wall panels.
  • It is lighter, can be cut and can accommodate internal piping and wiring
  • It can be finished using painting, tiling, decorative paneling, etc.



Sno. Available sizes ( ft. ) Thickness (mm)
    8 ’x 2’, 9 ’x 2’, 10 ’x 2’
    8’ x 2’, 9’ x 2’, 10 ’x 2’




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Solid Wall Panels

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Quick Installation of Artificial Panels

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Easy To Finish Panels

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Even Jointing Finish

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Seamless Finish

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Gives Design Freedom

Solid Wall Panels can be fixed using steel frames and screws. Then finished using jointing compound and paint. After finishing, it is almost impossible to make out the difference between a conventional wall and these panel-based walls.

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