Cost Estimate of Prefab House


Cost Estimate Of Prefab House

Ghyangphedi Secondary School by Prefab House Nepal at Ghyangphedi, Nuwakot.

Estimate of Construction

Available Room Price for Structure only.

9’ x 9’ room                      Rs 350,000/-

9’ X 14’ room                   Rs 475,000/-

14’x 14’ room                  Rs 590,000/-

15’ x18’ room                  Rs  700,000/-

Breakdown of Home Structure

Structure   Metal  : 2”by 2” powder coating metal pipe pillar standard quality framework and beam and nut-bolt system

Roof                    : 0.38 mm ( 26 gaze zinc sheet) Aluminium truss ( Optional UPVC ,tile etc)

Wall Partition   : Cement board/ Aluminium Framing or Wood ply framing.(optional to thermocoal use/brick & other material )

Door and Window:   (Aluminium )

Ceiling:   Wood ply or Cement board (According to your requirement)

Floor: Smooth Cement tile

Electrification: City Line Complete installation ( Rs 3000-7000 /room)

Solar Line per home (  Rs 25000-50,000)

Sanitation: (6” by 8” size toile )                              Rs 50,000-95000/-

Landscaping and Civil Construction: Self

Here is the cost estimate of House that can be fabricated in Nepal.

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